“Working with Alexia has been freeing me from physical and emotional traumas of my past. After only 2 sessions I could no longer feel the physical feeling of a violent attack, which for 50 years I had felt every time I thought about the incident. The emotional intensity of very painful experiences has been reducing significantly and I am on the way to rebuilding relationships with those people involved in my traumas. My work with Alexia continues as I want to free myself from all negative feelings and resultant behaviours linked with the difficult episodes. Working with Alexia is incredibly powerful but also unexpectedly great fun, and it is amazing to have realistic hope that I actually can be as free as I have wished for so many years. Alexia is genuinely very warm and friendly, highly skilled, a wonderful person and I would actively encourage anyone with physical or emotional issues to go to her for help. Don’t hesitate – just go!!”


“Like many EFT Practitioners, I often find that I’m not keeping up with my own self-care as well as I’d like to be. This is why I have regular sessions with Alexia. Whatever is going on in my life, she is able to guide me brilliantly to find the truth in the situation. Alexia is especially skilful at spotting the patterns in your language and then asking the most pertinent questions to enable you to see what you were blind to before. In particular, she excels at supporting you when looking at interpersonal relationships of all kinds.

This is all within a warm, loving and often very funny approach, which means that even working on the toughest situations can still be a light and energising experience. I definitely recommend working with her.”

Sam Neffendorf



” My session with Alexia , took me to my 13 years old memory which was believing that I was so ugly. After working EFT on me it turned out that my belief was ” I am not fun to be with”. Alexia’s voice was so relaxing and very close all time. I felt so safe and she was listening me all the time. While doing MR I was so excited and happy and I felt from her voice that she was celebrating my joy with me. She made so sure that I was not overwhelmed. Her timing was so good, she gave me the time I need with the echo and also for realization. Her directions were so clear but not pushy at all. After I worked with her on this issue I received very nice compliment from people who I had just met that I was very funny and they were so happy to meet me 🙂 Alexia has beautiful heart and she is very kind person, while working with her you feel you are welcomed. You are a great healer Alexia.”


” I found Alexia to be very attentive, grounded & connected. The rapport was good, as always important to have with any practitioner & in addition to the above was very perceptive & thorough in her observation in aiding me to bring the emotions to the surface for the release. I highly recommend Alexia as she has total passion for this field of work.”


” I had the pleasure of working with Alexia on retracing my memories from my birth. So many realisations and resolutions came about from her kind supportive and gentle guidance. A true natural and gifted intuitive who rocked my world! Thank you Alexia.”


“Alexia has the most calming and trusting voice. From the moment we started our session I felt in safe hands. She was able to pin-point with such accuracy what I was thinking and often actually took the words out of my mouth. We connected on such a deep level that it felt that our thoughts had merged. It was quite surreal and very profound. At the end of our session, she had enabled me to join so many dots and walk away with a lifetime of ‘doubts’ taken off my shoulder. Thank you and bless you Angel Alexia.”


“I just want to say how amazing the session was. I feel so alive since, sounds and smells and tastes all so vibrant. Thank you.”


“I was fortunate enough to have a couple of EFT/Matrix sessions with Alexia. What can I say…..I was blown away at her soft and gentle approach, she was patient and understanding and more importantly, non-judgmental. I felt relaxed and at ease even though I was working through some very painful issues. Alexia let me work at my pace and provided support and guidance as and when I needed it. And the beauty of it all, I could say as much or as little as I wanted about the situation and still work to resolving the problem. Three weeks later, I am feeling much better generally, have a more positive outlook and sleeping better than I have in a very long time. I no longer feel that there is no way out….I know there is and it is a very quick process and relatively simple and extremely effective. I am grateful to Alexia for helping me ‘re-write’ the yesterdays that no longer serve me and for the beautiful new memories that will help me live a much better tomorrow. I look forward to working with Alexia again soon.”


“Work with this woman. She is bloody AWESOME at these techniques. I have proof.”


“Hi Alexia, I just wanted to write you a little note to say thank you for Tuesday’s session. I can’t tell you how much better I’ve felt since. And I haven’t even been tempted to smoke. This therapy continues to amaze me! Very best”.


“Thank you for being special and amazing! Thank you for guiding me and for helping me to discover a new strength! It feels so different now…”

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