Contact & Bookings

To book a session with me please email:

or call 07429 884 824.

I work out of the wonderful Dulwich Therapy Rooms on Lordship Lane:

Reception at Dulwich Therapy Rooms: 0208 299 4232

as well as remotely via Skype.

In person sessions last one or two hours and cost £96 an hour depending on your income. (There are discounts available for single mothers and low wages clients, please message me to discuss.) Sessions for children and teenagers are £76 an hour.

One hour session                                        Two hour session
£96.00 GBP                           £192.00 GBP

Similarly, Skype sessions (also an hour) cost as above.

I have specific programs (see below) which are paid for upfront but which offer a discount on single sessions.
First time clients are welcome to book 6 sessions for the price of 5.

The following programs /journeys are a wonderful way to feel supported, settled and grounded in a particular type of work. Knowing you are on a mapped out journey of this kind is very powerful. We use a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and MindMap Tapping in all these journeys. It is also possible to give packages as gifts to others.

JOURNEY 1: Finding your Soul’s purpose (5 sessions)

JOURNEY 2: Finding your true sexual self (women only – 5 sessions)

JOURNEY 3: Finding each other. Couples work (8 SESSIONS – 2 as a couple and 3 each alone).

JOURNEY 4: FERTILITY PROGRAMME: 8 SESSIONS – 2 as a couple – 2 with father/partner (if you are embarking on this journey solo, you can bring your doula, a family member or best friend to joint sessions) – 4 with mother)

JOURNEY 5: PREGNANCY (9 SESSIONS) – 3 as a couple – 6 with mother – home visits available in final months)

JOURNEY 6: Parenting: 4 sessions – clearing out our own childhoods and our parent’s ways to make room for our own. Peaceful, happy, connected parenting. (recommended especially before child is 1years old but beneficial at any stage)

JOURNEY 7: FAMILY/FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES PEACE PROCEDURE: 6 SESSIONS – 2 together – 2 each apart – to heal rifts, disagreements, arguments, past hurt and find a way towards mutual understanding and resolution.

JOURNEY 8: Kids/Teens program – 10 half hour sessions (price of 5 full sessions) – ages 4+ ( although work can be done with parents & child from as young as 2 – using ‘Magic Buttons Bear’.

JOURNEY 9: Rebirthing – re-creating your own birthing experience – (3 sessions)

JOURNEY 10: Rebirthing your child – can be done alone or with a partner (3 sessions)

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