You are Welcome

Hello, my name is Alexia – welcome.

If you are searching for more, a way to feel happier, more balanced, free, if you are looking to clear painful memories, stuck patterns or unhelpful, frustrating habits then please, contact me. Because there is.

You are not ‘broken’ and you don’t need to be ‘fixed’ – where you are now is a process and you can move through and past it.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting are the tools we can use together to find your peace and your joy.

I love my job, it is Wonderful to see people step into their future, happy and on the path they have always dreamed of; it is truly a privilege.

As your practitioner I will hold space for you to explore what you need to, to safely shift, change and grow.

In session we can work both on your current life situations and also on patterns formed in childhood and the subconscious
RE-actions that we have to things. We can learn so much through these tools and that awareness teamed with releasing
the blocks and stuck energy allows us to be in the moment and free – it is possible.

You can heal the past, change your point of attraction and find your true life purpose.

Clients of mine tend to be people that are already on a journey of self-discovery. I work often with people who are new to EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting but who have felt, for some time, that they know there is something more to life and are keen to live it.

I believe very strongly in the work we will do and in the techniques used in session – because they helped me and continue to – I am naturally intuitive and aim to hold an easy, comfortable, reassuring space for you to work in.

With warmth, and to your journey,


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